Signal Conditioners And Isolators

Signal Conditioners And Isolators

Canopus Instruments

Canopus Instruments offers Signal Conditioners And Isolators. Analog Signal Conditioning & Isolation modules find applications where it is of prime importance to ensure reliable performance as well as safety while interfacing input/ output analog signals of sensitive electronic Control & Measurement Systems with field devices such as sensors and actuators. The use of signal conditioners with isolation allows direct interface of far away field mounted devices with analogue I/O channels of DCS, PLC-based Control Systems, AC/DC Electric Drives, Indicators, Recorders, etc. These modules eliminate occurrences of faulty measurements in process control equipment caused by ground loops. They are also necessary to protect the measuring equipment from noise and transients generated due to inductive load switching and other unpredictable electrical disturbances occurring in the field. Modules are available which accept DC Voltage, DC Current, RTD & Potentiometer signals from field devices. The input signal is filtered, amplified (if necessary), isolated, & converted into the required output form (0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, +/-20mA) with minimal internal delay and without loss of accuracy.

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  • Data Acquisition System.
  • PLC / DCS Sysytem
  • Instrument Control Panel
  • AC / DC Driver Systems
  • Process Instrument Panels
  • Universal Supply: 90-270VAC, 50/60 Hz OR 100-250VDC
  • 24VDC Supply: 18-36VDCvariation allowed
  • Response Time Typically: 1 ms
  • Accuracy : 0.25 % of FS
  • Isolation level: 2KV / 4KV
  • Single, Dual & Triple Isolated Outputs available in standard products


  • Slim, compact & Aesthetic designs
  • Single Input -Output : 22.5 mm Width.
  • Dual & Triple Isolated Outputs: 45mm Width.
  • Energy Efficient Modules.
  • Power Consumption < 3 Watts in 24VDC operated modules.
  • Fast Response options offered in selected types (Tr<1 mSec)
  • Improved Noise Rejection & long-term stability.
  • 2 KV and 4 KV 3 Port Isolation.
  • Operating Temp. Range : -10 to +60 Deg C.
  • Design conforms to the requirements of CE standards.
  • Your Content Goes HereSingle, Dual & Triple Isolated Outputs available in standard products.

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