Degreaser Industrial Cleaner

Degreaser Industrial Cleaner

Novel Surface Treatments

Novel Surface Treatments offers a wide range of degreaser industrial cleaner.

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  • Offered degreaser is gaining huge acclamation for its fast removal properties that is widely acclaimed in the industry.
  • The timesaving and cost saving cleaning chemical is used for cleaning and degreasing machinery, equipments, parts and components in varied industries.
  • Its features include: aqueous & has water pH; ecofriendly – no ozone depletors; replaces tyrichloroethylene (TCE) etc Haz. Solvents; removes wide range of cutting, stamping, quenching, lubricating oils, grease, buffing compound; used for steel, aluminium brass, copper, nickel, tin, stainless steel etc many metals and non-metals; prevents corrosion/rust; improves brightness of brass, copper & aluminium without surface attack; very high soil loading capacity;used in immersion, ultrasonic, spray-in-air or spray-under-immersion and hand wipe application method.

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