Can Former

Can Former

Lanico Maschinenbau Otto Niemsch GmbH

Lanico Maschinenbau Otto Niemsch offers  a wide range of  CAN former, CF 58.

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  • The new Lanico Can former CF 589 is a high-performance machine for the production of 3-piece aerosol cans.
  • Achieves production speeds of 500 cans per minute and processes super thin body material down to only 0.13 mm thickness.
  • In doing so, the machine enables material savings of up to 30 per cent compared with conventional machinery.
  • During format changes, height adjustments can be performed in only 20 seconds without the need for additional tools.
  • In accordance with Lamico’s ‘Lego-style’ construction system, the machine uses modular tools, allowing a complete format change (diameter) in only 120 minutes.

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