Fibre Laser

Fibre Laser

Salvagnini Machinery India Private Limited

Salvagnini India offers L3, the Fibre Laser Machine built for fibre. The Salvagnini L3 fibre laser is described as the “running cost miracle” in 2D laser cutting, the ultimate technological winner. Diode modules generate the laser beam directly inside the optical fibre. No more laser gas, gas circulation, turbine, glass tubes, mirrors, optical path. This makes the L3 laser maintenance-free. Energy consumption is reduced by 70%. The total connected load of the complete L3 System (including chiller, machine and fume extractor) amounts to just 19 kW. There will be a drastic reduction in energy consumption on stand-by (less than 5 kW for the entire laser system). The L3 machine is dedicated exclusively to fibre and is able to reach the very highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability and performance. With the L3 fibre laser, users can cut faster and achieve better quality on thin sheet metal. Apart from mild steel (up to 20 mm), stainless steel (up to 12mm), aluminium (up to 8mm), one can even cut copper and brass (up to 5 mm). Users can reduce the running costs by 50% and increase competitiveness. The system is available for 2 sheet sizes 1500 x 3000 mm and 1500 x 4000 mm with any level of automation desired, right up to totally unmanned loading/unloading + part picking and sorting. The company also offers Integrated Punch-Shearing System, Compact Panel Bender, Press Brakes, etc.

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