LED Solar Street Lights

LED Solar Street Lights

Prolite Autoglo Limited

Prolite Autoglo Limited offers LED Solar Street Lights, powered by ultra bright LEDs. The LED is a low voltage device (3 V per LED) a perfect match with the solar cell, which is a low voltage output device. These also score over tungsten filament lamps, which are of low efficiency, and the FTLs/CFLs and other high intensity discharge lamps that have good efficiency but consume higher wattage. Streetlights based on LEDs are very economical and environment friendly.

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  • A sealed lead acid battery with appropriate solar cells panel to charge the battery
  • A blocking diode prevents reverse current through the PV module
  • The battery capacity will be used to 80% between full charged to cut-off condition
  • The 17 AH battery will ensure the light system will work even with 3 non-sun shine days (i.e., 3 days autonomy)
  • Battery charge controller electronics ensures protection from overcharge and also deep discharge condition, essential to ensure long battery life
  • Battery charging is indicated by a green LED and deep discharge is indicated by red LED
  • Full protection against open circuit, accidental short circuit and reverse polarity
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn switch circuit
  • proof housing for battery and associated electronics
  • A fit-and-forget installation.

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