High Speed Steels

High Speed Steels

USBCO Steels Private Limited

USBCO Steels manufactures High Speed Steels contain molybdenum and tungsten. They are hardened to 62-67 HRC and maintain this hardness in service temperatures as high as 540°C. Their properties are high wear resistance, high hardness at elevated and low temperatures, and excellent toughness. They also offer other products in steels are cold working tool steels, hot working tool steels, plastic mould steels, special steels, and alloy construction steels.

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Ravne W. No. DIN AISI/Sae JIS
BRM2 1.3343 S 6-5-2 M-2 SKH 51
BRM3 1.3344 S 6-5-3 M-3 SKH 54
BRM4 1.3351 S 6-8-4 M-4 SKH 54
BRCMO 1.3243 S 6-5-2-5 M-35 SKH 55
BRCMO2 1.3247 S 2-10-1-8 M-42 SKH 59
BRW 1.3355 S 18-0-1 T-1 SKH 2
BRC 1.3255 S 18-1-2-5 T-4 SKH 3
BRC3 1.3265 S 18-1-2-10 T-5 SKH 4
  1.3202 S 12-1-4-5 T-15 SKH 10
BRU 1.3207 S 10-4-3-10 T-42 SKH 57
HSS 10%W +5% 1.3251 S 12-1-2-5    

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  • Cutting-Off Tools - Knives, Drills, Milling Cutters, Etc.
  • Rolls for Cold Rolling
  • Cold-Work Tools

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