Flying Insects Killer

Flying Insects Killer

Subtronics (India) Private Limited

Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, offers a Flying Insects Killer for kitchens and cooking areas. The latest insect killer, Model Knight, is a unique design instrument, kills flying insects like houseflies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, and various irritating flying insects. The instrument uses (with minimum bug splash) ultra violet tubes for attraction and high voltage grid system for killing insects. Its active design enables the Knight to reflect more light from a comparatively smaller area to increase effectiveness and at the same time minimum catchment area is exposed. Being extremely easy for maintenance, its grid is easily accessible for cleaning and all the insects are neatly collected in the bottom tray. The instrument is ideal for use in hotels, hospitals, offices, residence, nursing homes, factory, halls, restaurants, kitchens, godowns, showrooms, airports, catering, food processing areas, etc. Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd has been manufacturing safety devices for over 40 years with over 4500 clients and is a recipient of 33 awards for its excellence and contribution to the field of safety.

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