Combination locks for safes, strong room doors & lockers

Combination locks for safes, strong room doors & lockers

Sherni Enterprises Private Limited

Sherni Enterprises offers a range of mechanical and electronic combination locks, manufactured by La Gard Inc, USA. These locks are rated as high security locks and are certified by UL of USA and VDS of Germany with warranty and service backup by trained staff. These locks provide locking solutions for various needs and applications ranging from vault safes, safes used in commercial institutions and many other applications. The combination lock is user-friendly and has simplicity of programming. It has several built in features like dual control, master control, silent alarm audio alarm, low battery signal, and other unique features of using external battery in the event of internal battery getting rundown, which is a very rare solution. Main advantages of combination lock: no need of carrying keys; and can be set to one million different combinations, which can be changed and reset in the matter of seconds, something which not possible in key lock.

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