Anti-Spatter Coating

Anti-Spatter Coating

Krystal Surface Solution

Spatter Remover 511 is a new revolutionary product that has changed welding methods. This is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-polluting and silicone free water based anti spatter cum flux. Spatter Remover 511 is applied before the welding operation to achieve the following benefits: original surface is retained without any chipping and grinding; better refined weld metal with minimum gaseous and non-metallic inclusion; formation of less quantity of slag that does not stick to the surface thereby, removal of slag becomes easier; cleaning cost is drastically reduced by about 70%; efficiency of welder is improved tremendously by about 25%; environment friendly product as there is no possibility of dust floating in the working place because of absence of chipping and grinding operation; safety of workman is also improved; and suitable for ISO-14000 organisations, improved mechanical and metallurgical properties of weld metal, etc. Spatter Remover 511 is a further addition to the welding process technology. This is a new concept to improve the quality of weld metal.

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  • Non-flammable and non-polluting, non-toxic, do not contain silicone, emulsion form – so easy to apply on exact required area and hence to wastage
  • Very simple and easy to remove from metal surface after welding
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Brings down noise and air pollution (suspended particulate matter) in the workshop below WHO’s limit for industry
  • The depth of penetration is increased as the heat loss from the top of the weld melt is restrained by the film, there by conserving about 5-10% of energy
  • It can be sprayed, can act as a temporary corrosion preventive

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