Epoxy Paint

Epoxy Paint

Geneous Paint Private Limited

Geneous Paint Private Limited offers Epoxy Paint. Maintenance Coating, Marine Finishes, Tank Lining, Concrete Coating, Interior pipe Coating,All Other Protective Coating, Pipe Line / Cylinder Coating.

High chemical and corrosion resistance, good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, outstanding adhesion to various subtracts good flexibility. It can be applied under variety of conditions, for example, ambient, low temperature, humid and high temperature. It is an air drying components Epoxy system giving an extra tough adherent excellent chemical resistant coating; it should be mixed in a ratio by volume of 3 parts. The High Solid of paint gives extra film thickness. The main base paint with 1 part of the hardener and dilute with our DKLAC Epoxy Thinner [The scientifically formulated for Epoxy paints / clear] if required. Resistance to corrosive environment. Alkalise of moderate acids. The surface to the painted should be free from oil, grease; loose-flake coatings etc, our DKLAC Epoxy Red/Zinc chromate primer should be applied. After 24 hrs 2-3 coats of the top coat should be applied at 4-5 kg/cm pressure. Coating of the top coat always enhances the performance. For Acid resistance; the finish coat is to be either dried at 600 or 650°C for 2 hours or the cured for 168 hour at room temperature. Approximately 80 Sq. feet per liter depend upon surface.

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