Air Gas Ratio Regulators

Air Gas Ratio Regulators

Avcon Controls Private Limited

Avcon Controls offers Air Gas Ratio Regulators, Type GG/GGB/GGO.

Safety Solenoid Valve must always be fitted upstream of Air Gas Ratio Regulator and in the direction of flow marked on the valve body. The spring retaining dome must be installed downwards. Spring force of GG can be adjusted by means of a 6 mm Allen key. During installation of GG/GGB, fixed orifice plates or variable flow resistor must be used in the gas line as well as combustion air pipeline. These orifice plates will determine and fix Air Gas ratio required for complete combustion. When using GGO, variable flow resistor / orifice plate should be provided in the gas pipe line, before mixture (Injector). If combustion air pressure is higher than the gas inlet pressure, the variable flow resistor should be used to turn down the gas control pressure.

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  • Maintains Constant Air-Gas Ratio.
  • High Precision Regulation.
  • Wide Regulation Range.
  • Available with Inlet Pressure Compensation Diaphragm.
  • Inlet Pressure up to 200 mbar.
  • Practically Maintenance Free.
  • Compliance EN 746-2.
  • Problem free adjustment during operation is possible.
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