Moisture Detector with Vacuum Dehydrator

Moisture Detector with Vacuum Dehydrator

Ferrocare Machines Private Limited

Ferrocare Machines Pvt Ltd has introduced a Moisture Detector integrated with Vacuum Dehydrator. Moisture in oil is the biggest enemy of hydraulic and lubricating oils, even bigger than particulate contamination. With the vacuum detector and the electrostatic cleaner, the company’s ability to provide solutions to users of hydraulic and lubricating oils is well known. Now with early detection integrated into these, users have a formidable productivity enhancing solution - at last, a quick, accurate and simple solution to measure moisture in oil. The company has responded to the urgent need to measure moisture levels on-line, instead of the traditional Karl Fischer Titration Method. It has introduced yet another 1st - a moisture sensor installed in the vacuum dehydration unit which switches on the dehydrator and the electrostatic cleaner automatically. Moisture sensors are of limited value if the solution to its removal it is not provided. From the solutions company the ultimate solution - the smart combo.
The company offers users:

  • A moisture detector integrated with vacuum dehydrator
  • Just as it offers a particulate counter integrated with electrostatic cleaner
    • Simple to use
    • Easy to operate
    • Cost effective
    • Economical.

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