Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine

A Innovative International Limited

A Innovative International Ltd has launched a Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine. An extremely high-pressure jet of water is an efficient method of cutting soft materials, and combining the waterjet cutting process with industrial robots is an economic alternative to the traditional punch tool method of producing complex-shaped components for car interiors, such as floor carpets, headliners and door trims. A further development of the waterjet cutting process is the addition of abrasives enabling it to cut hard materials in desired profiles. Among the forms of robotic waterjet cutting systems; plasma, laser, trim die and electric discharge media, waterjet cutting is considered a fast and flexible method for cutting most plastics, foams and some metals. The primary advantages of robotic waterjet systems are speed and flexibility. Options include: 1 Robot + 2 Stations; 2 Robot + 2 Stations; 2 Robot + 3 Stations; and 2 Robot + 4 Stations. Application of robotic waterjet cutting is as follows: cutting process of the interior pieces after press forming (including cutting shapes and holes) is an important step of automobile interior producing, as the interior pieces are always composed of three dimension curved surfaces. In the traditional manual cutting method, there are many problems such as low efficiency, uneven quantity, and bad consistency and interchange ability. The company is a pioneer, specialising and engaged in international business that deals in all cutting machines like CNC waterjet cutting machines, CNC laser cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machine, and robotic waterjet cutting through which we are achieving to establish an outstanding position in the global market place.


  • High productivity
  • Reduced manpower
  • Flexible
  • Easy to operate
  • High standards of safety and large cutting area.

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