Temperature Profile Controller

Temperature Profile Controller


Countronics offers a Temperature Profile Controller, Model 6266, available both in J/K thermocouple models. This provides 4 programmable profiles each with 9 individual segments programmable as heat/cool ramp or soak. Percentage power of each segment is also programmable to avoid overshoots for different furnaces. Optional on/off or proportional control provides more flexibility. Individual heater and cooler logic relays allows a superior profile control, particularly in ramp down segments. User friendly settings require only the time and end set point of every segment to be programmed with the segment slope value being automatically computed. Resumption of control from point of power failure, as the status is stored in a non-volatile memory. Serial output is optionally available along with Windows based software to logging/graphical display on PC. Rear configuration lock prevents tampering. Available in 48 x 96 mm attractive ABS cabinet with front panel membrane switches. Rear configuration lock prevents tampering with programmed parameters. This profiler is ideal for applications such as heat treatment, stress relieving, ceramics, sequential temperature testing, etc. Assured after sales and backed by a company in the instrumentation field for over 2 decades, the temperature profile controller Model 6266 is an ideal choice for industries requiring temperature to be maintained along any pattern.

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