DSR Regulators

DSR Regulators

Mecc Alte India Private Limited

Mecc Alte India Private Limited offers DSR Regulators. The DSR regulators are an advanced AVR regulator replacing the traditional automatic voltage regulator. This voltage regulator is fully digital controlled and is fitted as standard across all their ECO and ECP models. Connections on the DSR regulators are through 15 fast on / fast off connectors which speed up the connection process. This is especially useful if reconnecting a 12 wire machine to any specific voltage. This regulator is cross-compatible with all ECO and ECP machines and can be used as standard with the MAUX system and the PMG ma systems, so there’s never any need to change regulators. Its single phase sensing comes as standard. By means of the external communication board (DXR or DL1), computer connection (RS232 or USB) or PLC connection (RS485 via MODBUS) is available. This allows changes to the AVR settings, to monitor in real-time performances (Voltage, Frequency or DSR status), or to download the alarm report (Communication software is available from Mecc Alte).


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  • Analogical remote control of output voltage is possible through external voltage (0÷2,5Vdc) or with a 10 Kohm linear potentiometer
  • Underspeed protection with adjustable threshold and slope
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage alarms
  • Excitation overcurrent protection with delayed intervention
  • Management of temporary short circuits (start up of asynchronous motors)
  • Open collector output (not insulated) signalling intervention of protective devices (insulation on optional DI1 module) with programmable activation with respect to the individual alarms and the possibility to delay intervention
  • Abnormal operation conditions storage (type of alarm, number of events, duration of the last event, total time)
  • Memorization of the regulator operation time (starting from revision 11 of the Firmware)
  • USB communication interface (with an optional USB2DxR module)

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