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DryLin® N low profile guide systems offer you low profiles in various widths. Like in all DryLin® products the carriage runs without lubrication in anodised aluminium profiles.

DryLin® T linear guide systems were specially developed for applications in automation and handling systems.

These Locking Devices are made from premium Quality Alloy Steel with Efficient manufacturing process and through testing and inspection to ensure world-class quality.

Timing belts run on Timing Pulleys. Such pulleys are dynamically designed and manufactured. The belt tooth must fit exactly in the gullet of the pulley.

Ashutosh Power TransBelts Ltd., Ahmedabad

Bellow Couplings are available with features as follows: backlash free, high torsional stiffness, precise transmission of rotational angle, maintenance free, low inertia, compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignment, etc.

Small Planetary Gear head of torque (3 to 45 kgfm) and weight from 1.5 kg to 24 kg and torque range up to 1,200,000 Nm and reduction ratio up to 20,000 are available.

Bearing Reducers are known as a new generation product with radial-axial bearing integrated inside the case bearing. The Twinspin bearing reducers are manufactured with high output torque up to 7350 Nm.

Igus (India) offers a range of linear guide systems. To change forming tools in an extruder, the tools must be positioned exactly along the X, Y and Z axes.