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Shiva Electronics

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The various types of fork sensors (slot sensors) from Shiva Electronics work on infrared (IR) principle.

Shiva electronics offers Ultrasonic Sensors. These are self-contained compact design, with excellent receive sensitivity, operating with 50 KHz electrostatic transducers and with integrated SMT electronic circuitry. The sensors housed in M50 enclosures have sensing range of maximum 40 feet. Supply voltage is 12 VDC/24 VDC. All the models can be externally triggered or can continuously sense at a 10 Hz rate.

Shiva Electronics offers Photo-Sensor With Built-In On/Off Delay, which does not need a separate timer. This sensor provides three trimpots at the back side: one for On delay, second for off delay and third for sensitivity adjustment.

Shiva Electronics has developed a new, long range photoelectric diffuse beam sensor, with built-in On/Off delay. This box type sensor is available in ABS plastic. Size of the sensor is 55 x 50 x 17 mm.

This 04-pin plug-in type connector is specially designed for easy and quick installation/replacement of sensor/switch.

Shiva Electronics, Nashik

Model ID: SR-999
SR-999 is a digital timer for photography cameras, plate making machines, R&D, and college labs, etc.