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Dolphin Automation

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Dolphin Automation has risen as the largest manufacturer of high quality sensors with proven integrated circuit technology with a range of over 1000 types of sensors.

Dolphin Automation is one of the India's leading manufacturers of the largest range of proximity switches and high technical industrial micro controller based automation products.

Dolphin Automation offers Counters. These are designed to meet standard specification as per IS/USS, EN 50081, EN 50082 and EN 61000.

Dolphin Automation offers RPM Meters. Features of RPM meter: sizes 36 x 72, 72 x 72, 48 x 96 mm; selectable scale factor, division factor, delay time for relay action; rate + count; single and double set point; universal input (proximity/photosensor/contact switch/voltage pulse).

Dolphin Automation, New Delhi

Model ID: T-7XU
Dolphin Automation offers an Analog Timer, T-7XU. Technical Specification – power supply: 230 VAC / 24 VAC or DC; delay mode: on delay / Internal; time ranges: 15 sec, 60 sec, 7.5 min & 60 min; accuracy: ±2 sec on all ranges from 1 sec to 30 hours and output: 1 or 2 C/O.

Dolphin Automation offers Inductive Sensors. These are used for sensing presence of any metal within its sensing range. These types of switches work on the principle of Damped Oscillator.

Model ID: T-141T
Dolphin Automation offers a Digital Timer, T-141T. It is based on microcontrollers with a back up memory of 10 years. Timers are available with or without power ON reset.