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B S K Technologies offers a handheld, waterproof and dustproof Multi-Parameter Meter that floats if dropped in liquid.

B S K Technologies, Secunderabad

Model ID: AquaPro series
BSK Technologies offers a Water Quality Tester (TDS) introduced by HM Digital, the new AquaPro series.

B S K Technologies, Secunderabad

Model ID: SL - 1350
B.S.K Technologies offers Sound Calibrator. It is the digital portable sound meter.

B S K Technologies offers a digital battery operated online water flow rate indicator cum totaliser.

B S K Technologies, Secunderabad

Model ID: DiST-1
BSK Technologies offers TDS Meters, DiST-1. These are digital pocket type, accurate, simple, sturdy, high-tech & inexpensive meters fit and convenient to measure TDS / conductivity of the solution.

B S K Technologies, Secunderabad

Model ID: EQ-88
BSK Technologies offers Digital Infrared Thermometers, EQ-88. These are low cost digital pocket type thermometers.

Model ID: EQ-321S
BSK Technologies offers Humidity Meter, EQ-321S. Sensor type is a calibrated digital output from a single chip relative humidity sensor.

Model ID: EQ-8850
BSK Technologies offers a Digital Sound Level Meter, EQ-8850. It is professional meter with internal calibration check and is able measure a wide range from 35 to 130 dB. It has a various application like to measure noise in factories, schools, offices, airports, auditorium, etc.

Model ID: RHB Series
BSK Technologies offers Handheld Refractometers, RHB Series. These are suitable for midrange concentration samples such as concentrated fruit juices, canned goods sugar solution infusions, etc.

B S K Technologies, Secunderabad

Model ID: EQ-610B
BSK Technologies offers a Digital Contact Thermometer, EQ-610B. It provides fast response and better accuracy in contact type temperature measurement. It is protected by a rugged holster.