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The turbine ventilator is an effective attic ventilation system that includes both intake vents (usually under the eaves) to pull in fresh air and exhaust vents to exhaust overheated and moisture laden air. A properly ventilated attic provides year round benefits. Airier India’s wind turbine venti...

Airier India (Manufacturer)

Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Airier Group. For our considerable contribution to the field of renewable energy resources in India, we are a front-runner in the Indian Industry, in the arena of Solar Power and Renewable Energy. The Airier Group is built on the sturdy pillars of reliability, sound infrastructure, operational expertise and financial stability. We at Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. have also successfully established these fundamental pillars of prosperity. Our roots were first planted in the Indian soil, in the year 1999. Today, the Airier Group is one of the top 20 multinational business groups of India Inc. Our Corporate office is based in Bangalore and our branch office is at Gurgaon. At present our employee strength is around 200 and our annual turnover is over Rs. 500 million.