Shaft-Hub Connections, Clampex

Shaft-Hub Connections, Clampex

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KTR Couplings (India) Pvt Ltd offers Clampex Shaft-Hub Connections. Features: safe and economical alternative to usual positive connections; backlash-free and wear-free transmission of torque and axial forces; easy assembly/ disassembly with standard tools; transmission of high torques; secondary ov...

KTR Couplings (India) Private Limited

KTR Couplings India Private Limited are able to give the best solution to any problems in Power Transmission Equipment with the most effective solution. KTR does not only deliver standard couplings or solutions. To meet customer specific technical specification, KTR Engineers can design a new coupling by modifying stock parts or produce prototypes for bespoke situations. Their product range includes Industrial Couplings, Elastic Flange Couplings, Torsionally Flexible Couplings, Steel Lamina Couplings, Brake Systems, Torque Limiters, Clamping Sets, Measuring Torque, Hydraulic Components, Clamping Nuts, Precision Joints, Gear Coupling. With over 50 years of experience KTR can produce a solution to any situation.