Pressure Switches

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  • "201, 281, 204, 231, 930, S21 and S24 series"

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Switzer offers Pressure Switches. The features of these products are: * Bellows, Diaphragm, Diaphragm sealed Piston & Bourdon sensors * Ranges : Vacuum to 600 bar * Fixed or Adjustable switching differential features * Weatherproof & Flameproof Versions * Models 201, 281, 204, 231, 930, S21 and S24 ...

Switzer Instrument Ltd

Switzer was founded in 1976 with fundamental goals as highest possible quality of the product, increase the proficiency of the employees and success through excellent management and policies. The company commenced with the manufacture of a limited range of pressure switches, and has expanded to cover wider range of pressure switches and other process control instruments such as draft indicators, flow switches, differential pressure indicators, primary flow elements. Every product earned excellent customer recognition for product quality and reliability.