NC Hydraulic Shears, Variable Rake Angle

NC Hydraulic Shears, Variable Rake Angle

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NuGEN Machineries manufactures Trimans variable rake angle NC Hydraulic Shearing Machines. These are built as per international standards in a range of 4 mm to 16 mm sheet thickness and length of 1500 mm to 5000 mm. Two hydraulic cylinders mounted on the cutting beam provide the shearing force. Sync...

Nugen Machineries Ltd (Manufacturer)

NuGEN Machineries Ltd specializes in manufacture of ‘Trimans’ Conventional, NC and CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes, Shears and other sheet metal working machines for the last two decades in India. The manufacturing facility is based near Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, which is approximately 500 kilometers north of Mumbai and has a workforce of 80 persons, out of which 15 are qualified Engineers. The company is run by technocrats and professional directors who work full time in various functional areas such as Product Design & Improvements, Marketing, Contracts Execution, After Sales Service, Quality Control, Finance and Customer Supports according to their area of specialization and core competence. Nugen has pioneered and introduced the Rear Cylinder Hydraulic Press Brakes in India, The company has also designed and manufactured variable Rake Hydraulic Shears with in-house R&D efforts and has installed nearly 1,700 Press Brakes and Shears in India and abroad. Nugen has also successfully designed and manufactured Special Purpose Presses and plants for manufacturing SAW pipes (Press Cap. 1500MT X 6000MM), Hydro. Tube Tester, Extrusion Presses (500MT) and Welding Electrode Plants.