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G-Tek Corporation offers a multi channel scanner. Specifications: no. of channels - 8/16/32; input - RTD/thermocouple/4 20 mA/0 1 V; temperature range - RTD: 100 to +600°C, TC: 0 full range of TC; 0 100% for mA and mV; accuracy - ± 0.5 % (± 0.5°C optional); resolution - 0.1°C (0.01°C optional)...

G-Tek Corporation

G-Tek Corporation, an ISO 9001 company, is a manufacturer of electronic equipment, which are used in process monitoring, recording, and control applications. Our products include Recorders, Scanners, Data Loggers, and Application Specific Controllers.

The story of G-Tek Corporation began in 1993 when we added a new dimension to the Indian process recording market by using microprocessor in place of capillary and potentiometric principles. The response and feedback we received from our customers was positive and encouraging. We took this opportunity to instill a continual improvement philosophy in our organization to meet the customer’s expectations. G-Tek’s growth can be attributed to the excellence we strive to attain in our products through quality, technology, operational expertise, and innovation; on-time delivery and prompt customer service/support.