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AEPL’s Ionizer is a powerful static charge neutralising machine. It is box shape machine. It creates a corona current distribution having a balanced flow of positive and negative ions in variable ion mobility. The balanced flow of positive and negative ions is directed toward cartridge, which is k...

Asterisk Electronics Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Asterisk Electronics Pvt. Ltd., was formed in 1995 to extend the use of the basic toner powder for laser printer cartridge refilling industry. Earlier re-fillers in market were using photocopier toner to fill the laser printer cartridges. First time in the country, engine wise laser toner by the brand AEPL was introduced by the company. Later Asterisk was the first in the whole world to develop and promote universal toner concept by the name “Super Delux”, when this concept was not even there in the USA.

Prior to that in 1989, Asterisk Computers was started to cater to the requirements of PC based photo type setting terminals used by the English and Indian Language printing and publishing industry. In 1991, it started to address the upcoming requirements for laser printer based DTP (desktop publishing) software as an alternative to phototypesetting machines again mainly catering to the vernacular printing and publishing industry with its flagship “AKRUTI” range of products.