HSS Knurling Wheels

HSS Knurling Wheels

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Malkar Industries offers a wide range of HSS Knurling Wheels, which are manufactured as per various dimensions and size. These knurling wheels are designed with sharp edges and curves. The company has all type of knurling wheels in AA, BL, BR, GV and GE, in HSS material from 0.3 mm to 2.5 mm pitch. ...

Malkar Industries

Malkar Industries established in 1972 engages in manufacturing and exporting of precision gears and allied items, have achieved name for 'quality' essential in precision gearing for gear boxes, actuators, wiper motor fans, instruments etc. Malkar industries, have specialization in manufacturing of standard/non standard hardened and ground spur, helical, worm & worm wheel gears, ground finished worms thread rolling dies, lead screws and hob cutters.

Malkar Industries is famous for its quality products. The foolproof system of quality checking and measurements at every production stage ensures highest form of quality, shape, design and specification. Malkar Industries always offers cost effective solutions by applying fastest production methods for the customer by giving highest quality satisfaction and reliability in product people at malkar always gives cost reduction solutions to the customer by suggesting various process of manufacturing.