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Nirmal has experience in designing, engineering and supplying complete heating skids for natural gas applications. Pre-heaters are used in gas distribution network skids or in fuels gas conditioning skids of power plants. Natural gas is heated to a higher temperature to compensate the temperature d...

Nirmal Industrial Controls Pvt Ltd

Nirmal was established in 1973 with a vision to evolve into a reliable source for Self Actuated Pressure Control Valves and Allied Process Control Systems and Solutions. Adopting a creative approach to product development, Nirmal embarked on a journey of phenomenal growth.

The indepth understanding and anticipation of customer's future needs has empowered them to achieve the proficiency in offering high quality made-to-order products delivered quickly with a great value. At Nirmal, this is achieved through tight control of manufacturing process implementing quality system accredited with ISO-9001 certification and commitment to customer satisfaction.