Gas Indicator/Detector, Victory 700

Gas Indicator/Detector, Victory 700

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  • Victory 700

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Victory Gas Alarm Company offers a Hand Held Digital Electronic Gas Indicator/Detector, Model Victory 700. When any combustible gas kike LPG petroleum vapour, hydro carbons, carbon monoxide, spirit fumes in the air reach above a critical level, the instrument will automatically operate to give a dig...

Victory Gas Alarm Company

Victory Gas Alarm Company was founded in 1988. The main objective in research & development was to have highly advanced semi conductor technology for safety and security items. As the company committed themselves for the field of safety they are the first in India to have patent for gas detectors and have been serving Indian railways, defense, petro chemicals and other industries.

The company also developed electronic moisture meter based on nano technology, which is the most imposed technology in the world. Through innovative technology the company dedicated to provide security solution which can minimize the risk factor arising out of gas leakage, alchohol over consumption, fire break out etc.