Digital Power Regulators

Digital Power Regulators

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Shivam Electronics, a ‘House of Industrial Automation’, offers a wide range of Digital Power Regulators from FOTEK, Taiwan.

The range includes:

  • DSC series single phase by single wire (SCR)
  • TSC series three-phase by three wires (SCR)
  • EPS series single phase b...

Technical Specifications

  • Model – TSC-340 digital power regulator
  • Description – single phase by single wire
  • Rated current – 40 A max
  • Protection fuse – 40 A (semi-conduct fuse inside)
  • Surge current duration – 410 A/1 cycle of power frequency
  • Minimum block voltage – 600 V AC (repetitive)
  • Alarm output – non cooling fan 80 x 80/12 V DC
  • Main power supply –180~440 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Auxiliary power supply – 90~265 V AC 50/60 Hz

Shivam Electronics

Shivam Electronics is a Delhi based Importer, Distributor & Stockist of Industrial Automation Products. Established in 1995 Shivam Electronics has marked his name in Automation Technology. Shivam Electronics Serves customer with efficient and reliable products to improve customer's productivity.