CNG / LPG Gas Leak Detector

CNG / LPG Gas Leak Detector

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Deluxe Industrial Gases offer CNG Leak Detector manufacturer and exporter that is also reckoned as India’s leading manufacturer of LPG gas detector. They have been provided different kinds of gas detectors especially for CNG and LPG. The most reputed LPG gas detector manufacturing company has be...

Technical Specifications

Working PowerAC 220V + 20% 50Hz <3W
Operating Conditions TempO°C - 55°C Humidity<95%
Response Timen < 2.5 min. Resume Automatically
Gas SamplingDiffuse Naturally
Alarming MethodDigital numerical value upto 999 ppm visual and audio
Sound level>80dB
Optional FunctionGas shut off valve/relay output for exhaust fan, Input to Central Security System

Deluxe Industrial Gases

Engaged in exporting and supplying of gas samplers, rotameters, acrylic rotameters, glass tube rotameters, metal tube rotameters, gas monitoring systems and gas chromatograph systems.