APFC Relays

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  • PFR 1001

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Rudrashakti Electronics offers APFC Relays, PFR 1001. It is compact (96 x 96 mm) front panel-mounting type PF/kVAR controller for controlling switch on/ off cycle of up to 4 capacitor banks. It substantially improves the PF of the system. It includes built-in sensitive 2.5 digit electronic PF meter ...

Rudrashakti Electronics

M/s. Rudrashakti Electronics have a recognized presence in field of monitoring electrical energy parameters. With manufacturing engineering and consulting experience of over 10 years, M/S. Rudrashakti Electronics have always strived to address electrical system related problems encountered at site by engineers, contractors, technicians and have tried to provide practical solutions through improved metering devices. The product range includes APFC Relays, Digital Panel Meters, High-Low Set Point Instruments, Power Manager, Capacitor Sentinel, Static Calibration Source etc. APFC Relays are offered in various types - Model PFR 941 for switching control of system with equal KVAR capacitor bank stages, Model PFR 942 for control of unequal KVAR capacitor ban steps, Capacitor Sentinel for monitoring of multiple power parameters and conditioned switching of capacitor banks etc. M/S. Rudrashakti Electronics have supplied instruments for projects executed by leading consulting engineers in India.