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Schmalz India Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Schmalz India Pvt Ltd
Page no : 148
Categories: Material Handling Equipment & Accessories
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Products: Aluminium Crane Systems  |  AUTOMOBILE SHEET-METAL SUCTION PADS  |  Barrel Handling System, Vacuum-Based  |  Compact Ejector  |  Compact Ejector Systems  |  Double-Blank Detection Unit, DBD  |  Drum Gripper  |  Ejector for Short Cycle Times  |  Ejectors For Vacuum Gripper Systems  |  Glass Sheet Handling System  |  Inline Vacuum Generators  |  Jumbo Hook Gripper for Canisters  |  Magnetic Grippers  |  Magnetic grippers for hot parts  |  Mechanical Vacuum Switches  |  Needle Gripper  |  Sack Lifter System, Vacuum-Based  |  Suction Pad  |  Suction Pads  |  VacuMaster Glass Lifting Device  |  VACUUM BLOCKS  |  VACUUM CLAMPING DEVICES  |  Vacuum Clamping For Woodworking Centres  |  Vacuum Components  |  Vacuum Ejector  |  Vacuum Generators  |  Vacuum Generators with Integrated IO-Link  |  Vacuum Gripper For Handling PV Components  |  Vacuum Gripper for Palletising  |  VACUUM GRIPPER SYSTEMS  |  Vacuum Handling System for Sheet-Metal Parts  |  VACUUM HANDLING SYSTEMS  |  Vacuum Handling Systems For Chemicals/Pharma Industry  |  Vacuum Lifting Devices  |  Vacuum Suction Pads for Handling Sheet Metal  |  Vacuum Tube Lifter  |  Vacuum Tube Lifter for Batteries  |  Vacuum Tube Lifter Jumbo Swivelling Sack Gripper  |  Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboSprint  |  Vacuum Tube Lifter With Mechanical Pneumatic Gripper  |  Vacuum Tube Lifter with Round Vacuum Head  |  Vacuum Tube Lifter/Swivelling Sack Gripper  |  Vacuum Tube Lifters  |  VACUUM TUBE LIFTING SYSTEMS  |  Vacuum-Powered Handling Devices  | 
Company Details:

SCHMALZ INDIA PVT. LIMITED Founded in April 1999 as Joint venture for marketing the entire product range of J. Schmalz GmbH in India, now is a 100% subsidiary company of J. Schmalz GmbH Germany, for their entire vacuum based material handling product range.

Today, the company provides a complete range of material handling products with vacuum, that includes vacuum components, used for pick and place, robotic end effectors for packaging/palletizing and assembly, ergonomic vacuum lifting and handling Systems, vacuum clamping systems, used to clamp wood, plastics, metal or glass on CNC machines, and vacuum gripping systems. The core competency of Schmalz is “Material handling with Vacuum”

The complete product line provides solutions to problems in material handling and meets requirements across a broad spectrum of industries, such as, food and beverage processing, medical, appliance manufacturing, wood/metalworking, automotive, electronics, chemical, CD/DVD production, packaging, palletizing, plastic injection molding, glass handling, printing etc,. Due to active participation in these industries, the company has developed the product line, which is unmatched by any other supplier of vacuum products in the world. With more than 300 installations in India, for handling various types of work pieces and serving nearly to 600 customers, the company is well known in India for more than a decade. Their presence is now further strengthened through this Venture to market the entire product range of J. Schmalz GmbH and to offer total material handling solutions, spares, and service support locally.

Estd year:1999
Address: EL-38, 'J' Block, M.I.D.C., Bhosari
Pincode:411 026