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BEKO Compressed Air Technologies Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : BEKO Compressed Air Technologies Pvt Ltd
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Products: Adsorption Dryer  |  Adsorption Dryers  |  Adsorption Dryers, Drypoint AC  |  Adsorption Dryers, EVERDRY  |  Air Amplifier  |  BEKOMAT 31 U, 32 U, 33 U Condensate Drainage  |  Cabinet Cooler  |  Catalyst for Compressed Air Treatment  |  Catalyst System for Pure Compressed Air  |  CLEARPOINT High Pressure Filters  |  CLEARPOINT W Water Separator  |  Cold Compressed Air  |  Compressed Air Chiller, BEKOBLIZZ  |  Compressed Air Dryer, Drypoint RA  |  Compressed Air Filters, Clearpoint  |  Compressed Air Treatment Using Catalyst Technology  |  Condensate Drains  |  Dew Point Measuring Devices, METPOINT DPM  |  DRYPOINT M PLUS Membrane Dryer  |  DRYPOINT RA Refrigeration Dryers  |  Emulsion Processing System, BEKOSPLIT  |  Flange Filters, Clearpoint  |  Flanged Filters For Compressed Air, Clearpoint  |  Flow Meter  |  Flow Meter / Sensor  |  Graphic Display-Recorder, METPOINT BDL  |  High Pressure Filter, Clearpoint  |  Hydrocarbon Removal and Measurement Systems, BEKOKAT  |  Leak Detector  |  Leak Detector For Compressed Air  |  Lubricated Compressor  |  Measuring System for Detection of Hydrocarbon Vapours  |  Membrane Dryer  |  METPOINT FLM Volume-Flow Measuring Device  |  METPOINT LKD Leak Detector  |  METPOINT OCV Sensor  |  Multistage Compressors, BEKOMAT LA/LP  |  Oil Monitor For Compressed Air, Metpoint OCV  |  Oil-Water Separator  |  Oil-Water Separator, Small  |  Replacement Filters, OEKOSORB  |  Residual-Oil Monitoring System  |  Solution for Filtration & Drying  |  Stationary Dewpoint Measuring Device  |  ÖWAMAT Oil-Water Separator  |  ÖWAMAT Oil-Water Separators  | 
Company Details:

Beko started in 1982 in the centre of Düsseldorf, Germany,by Berthold Koch. Beko grew quickly. In 1986 , only four years after the foundation, the move within Düsseldorf into larger premises with the eight employees was on the agenda. Simultaneously, Beko launched the first product besides Bekomat: the ÖWAMAT oil/water separator for the processing of compressed-air condensate. A system which has formed an integral part of the product range right up until today.

Beko Compressed Air Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Thw company develop, manufacture and sell good, reliable products and provide the corresponding services. These products and services are designed to optimise machines, plants and systems, resulting in a better performance and greater reliability, in addition to using less energy, reducing pollution, and improving the working conditions for the personnel.

Estd year:1982
Address: Plot No.43/1, CIEEP, Gandhi Nagar
Pincode:500 037
Phone:91-40-23080275, 23081107