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Paras Enterprises
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Company Name : Paras Enterprises
Page no : 221
Categories: Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Valves, Valve Components & Accessories
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Products: 2:1 Flame - Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube  |  3:1 Flame - Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube  |  Anti Tracking Heat Shrinkable Tube  |  Ball Valves Of Brass  |  Boring Bars  |  Braided/Mesh Tube, Pet Woven  |  Dual Wall Heat Shrinkable Tube  |  Expandable Sleeves: CB- PET  |  Fibre Glass Tubing (Silicon Coated)  |  Flame Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube, 3:1  |  Flame-Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube  |  Halogen Free Heat-Shrinkable Tube  |  Heat Shrink Tubing/Sleeves  |  Heat Shrinkable & Flame Resisting Tubing on Bus Bar  |  Heat Shrinkable and Flame Resisting Tubing for Bus Bar  |  Heat Shrinkable Sleeve, Medium Walled  |  Heat Shrinkable Sleeves  |  Heat Shrinkable Tapes (High Voltage)  |  Heat Shrinkable Tubes  |  Heat Shrinkable Tubes, Anti Tracking  |  Heat Shrinkable Tubing  |  Heat Shrinkable Tubing with Meltable Liner  |  Heat-Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Tubes  |  Heat-Shrinkable Crimp Splices  |  Heat-Shrinkable End Cap  |  Heat-Shrinkable Semi-Conductive/Insulation Tube  |  Heat-Shrinkable Tube with Meltable Liner  |  High Voltage Insulating Tapes, ‘Scapa’  |  Medium Walled Heat Shrinkable Sleeve  |  Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable Tubes  |  PTFE Sleeves (Teflon Sleeves)  |  PTFE/Teflon Sleeves  |  Silicon Fibre Glass Sleeves  |  Silver Brazing Alloys  |  Silver Brazing Rods/Foils/Strips & Gas Welding Rods  |  Splice Protection Sleeves  |  Wire Identification Sleeves  | 
Company Details:

Paras Enterprises, one of the leading marketing organization for splice protection sleeves, fusion splicing, ribbon splice protection sleeves, micro sleeve, flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, dual wall heat shrinkable tube, medium walled heat shrinkable sleeve, anti tracking heat shrinkable tube, fusion splice protection sleeves, heat shrinkable sleeves, heat shrink protectors, in India.

Contact person:Mr Manish Bhalla
Address: 152, Kamla Nagar, Near Webster English School, Baghpat Road
Phone: 91-121-2518682, 2522914, 2525303
Fax: 91-121-2525304