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Igus (India) Private Limited
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Company Name : Igus (India) Private Limited
Page no : 208
Categories: Bearings, Bushings, Wheels and Gears
Electrical Wires and Cables & Accessories
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Products: Abrasion-Resistant 3D Printing Material & Tape  |  Aluminium Support Tray for Energy Chains  |  Assembled Drive Cables Of Siemens Standard  |  Ball Bearings for Confined Spaces  |  Bar Stocks  |  Bearing Material  |  Bearing Material for High Temperature  |  Bearings for Chemical Environment  |  Bearings for The Automotive Industry  |  Cable Connectors  |  Cable Reel for Energy Chains on the stage  |  Cable Stripping Aid  |  Cables with Integrated Tear Strip  |  Cables, Chainflex Profinet  |  Cfrobot Special Cable  |  Chainflex Cables for Robots  |  Chainflex Control Cables  |  Chainflex Data Cable  |  Chainflex Robot Cables, Twistable  |  Coaxial Cable For Heavy-Duty Use  |  Control Cables with 600V and UL  |  Corrugated hose 2.0: new ideas in energy supply  |  Cross Slide, DryLin SLW  |  Curved Linear Guides  |  Data & Energy System for Fast Routing  |  Detectable Plastics for Safety in Foods  |  Drive Cables for Energy Chains  |  Drive Cables, Pre-Harnessed  |  Drylin Linear Plain Bearing  |  E Chain  |  E Chain Cables  |  E-Chains with Safe Retraction System  |  E-Tube With Chip Repellent Design  |  Electrical Actuator  |  Energy Chain  |  Energy Chain For Chip Areas  |  Energy Chain for Extreme Dynamics with Very Low Noise  |  Energy Chain System  |  Energy Chain System For Material Handling Products  |  Energy Chain, E4.1L  |  Energy Chains: Four Times Longer Life  |  Energy Supply System, Guidelok Slimline P  |  Energy Tubes  |  Ethernet Cables  |  Flexible Cables, Chainflex  |  Harnessed Cables For Drive Systems  |  Iglidur Flange Bearings  |  Iglidur Plain Bearings, RoHS-compliant  |  Igubal Spherical Bearings  |  Injection Moulding Tools, 3D-Printed  |  Knife Edge Rolls For Lubrication-Free Belt Deflection  |  Lighter Cables for E-Chains  |  Linear Actuator Fitting For NEMA23  |  Linear Guide  |  Linear Guide System  |  Linear Guide Systems  |  Linear Guide, Lubrication Free  |  Linear Guides for Filling Machine/Technology  |  Linear Guides Modular Kit  |  Linear Plain Bearings  |  Low Profile Linear Unit With Leadscrew Drive  |  Magnetically Suspended Cable Carrier, Levichain  |  Micro System for Small Hoses & Cables  |  Modular Corrugated Tube  |  Multi-Dimensional Movable E-Chain  |  Normal Temperature Bearings  |  Plain Bearing Material for Food Applications  |  Plain Bearing Material, ESD-Suitable  |  Plain Bearings  |  Plastic Angle Adapters, IBOW  |  Plastic Bar Stock  |  Plastic Bearings for Automotive Applications  |  Plastic Bearings, Wear-Resistant at High Loads  |  Plastic Energy Chain, FDA-Compliant  |  Plastic for Continuous Use in Steam  |  Plastic Guide Trough for Energy Chains  |  Plastic Linear Bearings  |  Plastic Plain Bearings  |  Polymer Ball Bearings  |  Polymer Bearings, Thick And Robust  |  Polymer Plain Bearings, Iglidur  |  Polymer Slewing  |  Positional System with Options  |  Protection for Sensitive Connectors  |  PUR Spindle Cable  |  PVC/PUR Cables  |  Ready Chain  |  Readychain Cable Packages for Robots  |  Round Bars & Plates, Iglidur  |  Self-Lubricating Products  |  Slewing Ring Bearing  |  Slewing Ring Bearing With Toothed Outer Ring  |  Sliding Elements For Automatic Storage/Retrieval System  |  Strain Relief System  |  Toothed Belt Axis  |  Toothed-Belt Unit With Gliding Guide System  |  Twistable Special Cable  |  Versatile Construction Kit for Robotics  |  Vertical Energy Chain  |  Xiros Polymer Ball Bearings  | 
Company Details:

Igus India Pvt Ltd operations in India started in the year 1998. igus is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of plastic plain bearings, spherical bearings, linear guides, cable carriers and continuous-flex cables. Their widest range of product includes, E-chainsystems/cable drag chains, high-flexible chainflex cables, iglidur polymer bearings, igubal spherical bearings, dryLin linear bearings and guide systems.

Contact person:Mr Shery George
Estd year:1950
Address: 36/1, Sy.No.17/3, Euro School Road, Dodda Nekkundi Industrial Area, 2nd Stage, Mahadevapura Post