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Avcon Controls Private Limited
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Company Name : Avcon Controls Private Limited
Page no : 38
Categories: Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Valves, Valve Components & Accessories
Actuators & Accessories
Controllers, Control Systems and Regulators
Pressure Measuring and Control Instruments
Safety and Security Surveillance Equipment
Products: Air Gas Ratio Regulators  |  Angle Type Valves  |  Ball Valves  |  Ball Valves, Plastic Body  |  Block & Bleed Valve For Safety of Pressure Gauges  |  Butterfly Valve  |  Butterfly Valves With Pneumatic & Electric Rotary Actuators  |  Control Valve  |  Diaphragm Seated Valves With Pneumatic Actuators  |  Electric Actuator  |  Hydro Motor Valve  |  Lined Diaphragm Seated Valves, Manual  |  Lined Diaphragm Seated Valves, Plastic Actuator Type  |  Low Leakage Bulterfly Valves With Pneumatic Or Electric Actuators  |  Motorised Control Valves  |  Motorised Valves Fitted With Kn1.7 Actuator For 2/2-Way Applications  |  Nc & No 2 & 3-Way Pneumatic Diaphragm Operated Valves  |  Nc 3/2-Way Compressor Loading/Unloading Valves  |  Nc Semi-Lift Diaphragm Type Solenoid Valves  |  Nc/No 3/2-Way Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves  |  Nc/No 3/2-Way Universal Type Solenoid Valves  |  Nc/No 3/2Way Poppet-Type Solenoid Valves  |  Nc/No Direct Acting Solenoid Valves  |  Nc/No Pilot-Operated Diaphragm-Type Solenoid Valves  |  Nc/No Pilot-Piston-Operated High-Pressure Solenoid Valves  |  Needle Valve  |  Pilot Poppet Type Solenoid Valves  |  Pilot-Operated Piston-Type Solenoid Valves  |  Pilot-Operated Spool & Sleeve Typevalves With Manifold Mounting  |  Pneumatic Actuator, Rotary  |  Pneumatic Cylinder Operated Valves For 2/2 & 3/2-Way Applications  |  Pneumatic Cylinder Operated Valves For Tyre & Tube Moulding Presses  |  Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valves  |  Pneumatic Diaphragm Operated & Motorised Weir Type Valves  |  Pneumatic Diaphragm/Motorised Valves  |  Pneumatic Piston Valves, 2-Way (Angle Type)  |  Pressure Regulator For Gaseous Media  |  Pulse and Pilot Solenoid Valve, 2-Way  |  Safety Shut-Off Valve  |  Single/Double Coil Spool & Sleeve Type Valves  |  Solenoid Valves  |  Solenoid Valves For Manifold Mounting In Gang  |  Solenoid Valves For Sub-Base Mounting  |  Solenoid Valves With Intrinsic Safe Coil System  |  Solenoid Valves, Two Stage  |  Solenoid Valves, Wide Range  |  Spool & Sleeve Type Valves With Manifold Mounting  |  Straight Type Valves  | 
Company Details:

AVCON has proven to be innovative and forward thinking due to its strong inbuilt R&D, equipped with a highly motivated team of Technical & Managerial Professionals having strong commitments to excellence in Automated Valves; & further supported with a robust infrastructure of sophisticated manufacturing and in-house design units.

Address: Plot No. 65, Road No. 13, MIDC, Marol, Andheri East