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Libratherm Instruments Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Libratherm Instruments Pvt Ltd
Page no : 71
Categories: Ventilation, Air Circulation & Conditioning Equipment
Controllers, Control Systems and Regulators
Temperature Control and Measuring Equipment
Humidity Control and Measuring Equipment
Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Data Management Systems
Power Analysers, Timers and Counters
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Electrical Control Devices
Mechanical Strength, Metal and Structural Testing Instruments
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Products: Data Acquisition Software  |  Digital Temperature Scanners  |  Humidity and Temperature Controllers  |  HVAC Panel For Dual AC Units  |  Industrial Handheld Thermometer  |  Industrial Portable Thermometer  |  IOT Based Humidity and Temperature Monitor  |  Libratherm Thyristor Switch Module  |  Microcontroller Based 8 Channel Temperature/Process Data Logger  |  Microcontroller Based Manual Loader  |  Microcontroller Based Signal Converter/Isolator Module with Universal Input  |  Microcontroller Based Temperature/Process Scanner  |  Microcontroller-based Timers/Counters/Stop Watch  |  Microprocessor Based Sixteen Channel Data Logger  |  Microprocessor Based Temperature/Humidity Controller for Stability Chamber  |  Microprocessor Based Temperature/Humidity Datalogger  |  Molten Metal Pyrometer  |  Molten Metal Temperature Indicator with Remote Display and Computer Interface  |  Multi Loop PID Controller  |  Multi-zone (8 Zone) Ramp/Soak Programmable PID Temperature Controller  |  PID Controller (Micro Controller Based)  |  PID Controllers - Single and Two Loops  |  Process Transmitter With RS-485 Interface  |  Programmable Ramp / Soak PID Temperature Controllers  |  Programmable Ramp/Soak PID Temperature Controller  |  Ramp Soak Pid Temperature Controller  |  SCR Triggering Cards for Phase Angle Control  |  Signal Converter/Isolator Modules  |  Single Phase Zero Cross Over  |  Single/ Two Phase Thyristor Power Regulator  |  Temperature and Humidity Sensor/Transmitter  |  Temperature Indicator/Controller (Digital Linearised)  |  Temperature/Humidity Transmitter With RS-485/Ethernet Interface  |  Thyristor Power Controller  |  Thyristor Power Controllers For Resistance Heaters & Transformer Loads  |  Thyristor SCR Triggering Cards  |  Thyristorized DC Motor Controllers  |  Zero Cross Over Turn On - SCR Firing Cards  | 
Company Details:

Libratherm Instruments Pvt Ltd is engaged in providing solutions for accurate temperature measurement and control of electrical heating systems.

Contact person:Kamlesh M. Panchal
Estd year:1991
Address: 401-403, Diamond Indsutrial Estate, Ketki Pada Road, Near Check Naka, Dahisar (East)