Hydraulic Compressor, Portable

Hydraulic Compressor, Portable

Birdman Chemeng Private Limited

Birdman Chemeng offers YOTA brand power (diesel engine) operated Portable Hydraulic Compressor of 100 tonnes capacity. This is tested to a proof load of 120 tonnes. The unit comprises of four main units, viz., compressor with release valves and pressure gauge; plunger type hydraulic power pump unit with hydraulic manifold; diesel engine; and hydraulic hose connecting the pump and compressor. Compressor with release valve: carbon steel forged block compressor body is mounted on a steel base plate with release valve and pressure gauge; the cylinder is hone finished; high tensile steel ram having hard chrome deposit and ground finished gives extraordinary life; self-retracting system is actuated by spring – immediately upon release of load the ram automatically retracts and occupies its original closed height; pressure gauge is fixed rigidly with compressor unit on a rest bar by protects the gauges; and a lever type release valve with compressor unit actuates release of pressure. Power operated portable pump unit with hydraulic manifold: a single stage 3 plunger pump immersed in oil tank is directly coupled with the diesel engine; the pump unit has suction, delivery check valve and safety valves; working pressure is 4 tonne/sq.in (640 kg/cm² approx); the pump unit is directly coupled with the diesel engine; and oil tank capacity is 7 litres; Diesel Engine: the compressor unit is powered by a portable diesel engine (Model 12523) manufactured by Greaves Lombardini Ltd and conforms to DIN 6270; this is a 4-stroke, air cooling, direct injection on piston (Bosch system) gear pump lubrication, automatic governor and rope starting engine; and the operating power is 4.8 HP at 1500 RPM. Hydraulic hose: the compressor unit is connected with the pump unit by means of two lengths of 4 metre high pressure hydraulic hose.

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