Nitrogen Tyre Inflators

Nitrogen Tyre Inflators

Nova Gas Techniques Private Limited

Nova Gas Techniques Pvt Ltd offers Nitrogen Tyre Inflators. Nitrogen can be easily generated by a simple process called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). A typical PSA system has 2nos of adsorber vessels, surge tank, storage tank, flow control valves and a Controller. The compressed air is pre treated for removal of moisture, oil and particle and passed through the adsorber vessel filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) where the oxygen is adsorbed preferentially in the CMS pores so that nitrogen molecules discharges from the outlet valve and stored in the receiver. Before saturation of the adsorber vessel the air stream is switched to the second adsorber, the CMS bed of first adsorber is being regenerated by a portion of Nitrogen.

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  • Inbuilt Air dryer and High efficiency micro filter
  • Inbuilt Nitrogen storage tank
  • Pressure based vacuum ensures only Nitrogen in the tyres
  • Supplies uncontaminated pure Nitrogen to the tyres
  • Tyre counter and hour meter
  • Mimic display for complete operation
  • Bright individual LED display for Tyre Pressure & Set pressure
  • One time setting ensures any no of repeatability
  • Automatic Nitrogen generation on demand
  • Highly reliable solenoid valves and sensor


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