Lpg Gas Roaster

Lpg Gas Roaster

Fans Bro Erectors

Fans Bro Erectors offers roaster machine with LPG/CNG gas heating arrangements.

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  • It has all the advantages which an electrically operated roaster machine has, such as auto electronic operating, temperature controlling system, etc.
  • The heating temperature can be achieved easily in a very short time up to 350oC.
  • The LPG gas roaster machine is available in capacities ranging from 200 l to 5000 l or more size machines can be fabricated as per customer requirements in complete stainless steel (GMP model) or contact parts in stainless steel (standard model) construction.
  • The LPG gas roaster machine can be used to roast various types of powders, flours, seeds, but ideal for grains, pulses, seed type products with the hard outer shell.
  • The machine can be operated at a higher temperature up to 3500ºC compared to electrical roaster machine which operates at 225ºC.
  • Heating starts immediately and no need to pre-heat the machine, compared to electrical roasters; increases production, as roasting is achieved in less time.


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