Smoke Generators

Smoke Generators

Measuretest Instruments

Measuretest Instruments offers Smoke Generators. The MiniColt 4SP has been designed for air flow testing, visualization tests, and particle recovery work. It is a completely portable unit and has the ability to produce anything from a small wisp of artificial smoke to a large plume, on and off the power. Pharmaceutical grade smoke chemical, stored in a one-piece aluminum canister is forced under pressure through the precision machined heat exchanger, where it is vaporized. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of non toxic smoke generator machine for clean room in Mumbai India to worldwide company. The vapor condenses to form a “smoke” effect with a class-leading particle size (an order of magnitude smaller than most “conventional” smoke systems) which means that dense smoke can be achieved for a substantially lower concentration of the chemical in the atmosphere.

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  • Manufactured by Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Nontoxic, persistent, water-based – controllable smoke
  • Off Power capable or continuous maximum output if connected to mains power
  • Fully rechargeable in just 5 minutes
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Lightweight, hand-held smoke generator
  • The particle size of just 0.2-0.3 micron mmd (mass median diameter)– the smallest in its class.

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