Gas Detector(Dual)

Gas Detector(Dual)

Abhitron India

Abhitron India manufacturers its state of the art gas detector dual portable model DIGI – 69.

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  • It will come to know the accurate level of any two desired gases at a time on the display.  This Instrument has digital LCD display for clear and accurate reading in percentage or PPM. 
  • It has got low & high alarm and calibration is possible at any concentration level, with built in good audibility buzzer and it is user friendly, cost saving & light weight. 
  • Instrument has facility of span & zero; user can adjust his own alarm for any alarm level as per his requirement. 
  • It indicates low battery indicator which shows ‘Low Batt’. Instrument works on chargeable batteries, life of the sensor & chargeable batteries is excellent & hence no need of replacing the sensor. Can select their own gas level on the detector.  
  • Suitable for ambient atmosphere as well as for sampling purpose or in vessel for gas level checking. 
  • It hazardous gases such as NH3, CO, HCN, CNG, EO, H2, NO, SO2, F2, H2S, CL2,HCL, hexane, isopropyl alcohol, butane, methane, toluene, lpg and other 200 combustible, toxic hazardous gases can be detected. 
  • This operating temperature range is 2O?C to 50?C. This Instrument finds usage in Industrial sectors like food processing industries where SO2 measurement in PPM level essential Usage area for this instrument will be where continuous monitoring is not possible, oil extraction plants, pharmaceuticals, refineries, automobile plants, food industry, chemical plants, paint industry, commercial areas, five star hotels, petrochemicals, distilleries, furnaces, and municipal departments. shipping industries, glass manufacturing plants, drainage holes, pharmaceuticals plants, nuclear power stations, oil companies R&D labs, alcohol plants, mines, hospitals, brewery industries, refineries. 

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