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Numerical Transformer Differential Relay

Differential Relay, Relay, Numerical Transformer, Transformer

JVS Electronics Private Limited offers Numerical Transformer Differential Relay

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Semaphore Indicator

Semaphore Indicator, Indicator

JVS Electronics Private Limited offers Semaphore Indicator JAV 041

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Semaphore LED

Semaphore, LED

JVS Electronics Private Limited Semaphore LED Type JAV 043

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Push Buttons

Push Buttons, Buttons

JVS Electronics Private Limited offers Push Buttons

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LED Indicating Lamps

LED, Indicating Lamps, Lamps

JVS Electronics Private Limited LED Indicating Lamps

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Inverse Time Non Directional Non Communicable Relay

Communicable Current Relay, Inverse Time

JVS Electronics Private Limited Inverse Time Non-Directional,  Non – Communicable Current Relay 

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Numerical Over Current Relay with Communication

Current Relay, Relay,

Numerical Over Current Relay with Communication offers Numerical Over Current Relay with Communication 

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Numerical Feeder Protection Relay

Protection Relay, Relay, Numerical Feeder

JVS Electronics Private Limited offers Numerical Feeder Protection Relay 

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Numerical Earth Leakage Relay

Leakage Relay, Relay, Numerical Earth

JVS Electronics Private Limited offers Numerical Earth Leakage Relay JC100

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