Cast Resin Distribution Transformer

Cast Resin Distribution Transformer

Resitech Electricals

Resitech Electricals manufacturers Cast Resin Distribution Transformer. Their Product line has achieved covered standards in quality, performance and value. Their comprehensive Quality Assurance program confirms that all bought out as well as production components are axact to the specifications. High precision test equipments are used to test each and every end product as per the norms and systems approved by the organization. They manufacture lower range of Cast Resin Transformers (CRT) both single as well as three phase, up to 1600KVA capacity. Cast Resin Transformers are designed effectively to reduce line cost and line losses and improve the quality and reliability of the electrical supply system. The transformers can be made suitable for direct pole mounting, indoor application, hazardous area application etc. These are capable of withstanding mechanical and thermal stresses caused by short circuiting in accordance with Bureau of Indian Standards Specification 11171/1985

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