PRC General Purpose Relays

PRC General Purpose Relays

Salzer Electronics Limited

Salzer Electronic manufacturing PRC General Purpose Relays. Manufactured with strict quality control and having undergone stringent post-production testing procedures, these relays meet the requirements of customers. In fact that these relays are manufactured by Salzar Electronics Limited, a guarantee of quality and service. General Purpose Miniature Relays - 30/40/60/80/100 AMPS resistive at 28V DC / 240V AC.

PRC relays is available in following models:

  • Type PRC-30 (30 AMPS)
  • Type PRC (80 AMPS)

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  • Invertor
  • U.P.S
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Automation Equipment
  • Vending Machines
Size (mm) 78 x 48 x 50 78 x 48 x 50
Contact Capacity -AC 40A / 240V 60A / 240V
-DC 40A / 28V 60A / 28V
contact Resistance (m ohms) 50 (initial) 50 (initial)
contact Configuration (pole) 1P/2P 1P
Insulation Resistance (m ohms) 1000 at 500V DC 1000 at 500V DC
Dielectric Strength Bet. Open Contacts 1500V AC 1500V AC
Bet. Coil to Contacts 2500V AC 2500V AC
Coil Nominal Voltage AC 240V / 24V 240V / 24V
DC 12V, 24V 12V, 24V
Coil Nominal Power DC 2 W 2 W
Electrical Life Operations 105 105
Mechanical Life Operations 107 107
Weight (g) 135 135


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