Numerical Feeder Protection Relay

Numerical Feeder Protection Relay

JVS Electronics Private Limited

JVS Electronics Private Limited offers Numerical Feeder Protection Relay 

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  • Programmable CT secondary current for 1A/5Arating
  • 4 Programmable external digital inputs
  • 4 Programmable output contacts
  • 2 Group setting
  • Active group selection from MMI / PDI or RAPID
  • Display of Primary current
  • Available in many variants to suit main and back-up over-current protection schemes
  • • Available in both Low load and normal load configurations
  • Choice of 6 IDMT curves and definite time with hi-set (two stage characteristics)
  • Trip Test Facility
  • Multi-shot auto re-closer facility
  • Trip Circuit Supervision facility
  • Breaker status monitoring
  • History of 200 latest comprehensive fault records along with settings
  • Latest 100 event records can be stored
  • Latest 10 Disturbance record can be stored
  • IEEE COMTRADE compliant disturbance records
  • Self supervision facility
  • MODBUS open protocol over RS – 485 port
  • MODBUS protocol over RS – 232 port / USB

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