Mechanical Vacuum Switches

Mechanical Vacuum Switches

Schmalz India Private Limited

Schmalz India Pvt Ltd offers new VS-V-EM-ST (electro-mechanical) and VS-V-PM (pneumatic) range of Vacuum Switches. Whether they are electro-mechanical or pneumatic, reliable switch elements are the key to safe operation in a vacuum system. Switches that offer added safety are a big plus. These switches ensure efficient process monitoring and control in all areas of automated handling. In the lowest-cost basic version, both switches consist of a robust polyacetal housing with an M5 female thread for the vacuum connection. The electro-mechanical VS-V-EM-ST switch is used in all applications where an electrical signal is required for safety reasons when the desired vacuum value is reached. Examples of this include the release of a new handling cycle or a check of whether the transported workpiece is held securely in place by the suction pad. The VS-V-EM-ST can switch voltages up to AC 230 V/DC 24 V or currents up to 6 A. The switch can be upgraded to protection class IP 65 with a housing cover to protect against external influences when used in severe working conditions (e.g., wood, metal or packaging industries). This makes it suitable for all applications in these branches, where severe conditions and contamination, dust and moisture are the norm. VS-V-PM pneumatic switches can be used to manage control circuits or valves without electrical connections and signals. When the set vacuum value is reached, the switch releases a pneumatic signal for further processing. The VS-V-PM is available with NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed) switch functions. Thanks to the large cross-section of the valve, high pressures of up to 100 l/min can be switched. The setting of the switching point for the desired vacuum value is made using an adjusting screw on both switch versions. In doing this, the hysteresis is pre-set with a defined tolerance of ± 5 mbar for the entire working area. This offers a significant plus for process reliability when monitoring the system vacuum - the hysteresis range is defined more precisely than that of similar mechanical switches. Other advantages are the compact form and low weight, which makes installation in handling and gripper systems easier and does not affect the system load or movement and positioning dynamics. The mechanical vacuum switches are suitable for use in all applications with automated handling, such as suspension systems in the automotive industry, the plastics industry and many others. They also contribute to an increase in process safety.

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