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Heavy Duty Power Capacitors are robust electrical devices that are fast replacing conventional capacitor design due to advantages like price and size economy, easy availability, low operational cost and long life. The basic design of these capacitors derives the advantage of series connection of elements, whereby the effective voltage stress on capacitor element is reduced by upto 50%.

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Power capacitors are extensively used in forging shops, foundries, steel, re-rolling mills, power generation & distribution installations, paper / sugar industries & other heavy industries. These capacitors are also available for normal duty applications like irrigation, pumping & sewage stations, residential applications etc.
  • Mode: Heavy Duty, Normal Duty
  • Output Range: Kvar to 30 Kvar in Single Units
  • Tolerance: -5% to +10%
  • Rated Voltage: 440 Vac / 415 Vac
  • Number of Phases: Single Phase or Three Phase Delta Connection
  • Operating Temperature: 25oC to 50oC
  • Dissipation Factor tan ? at 25ºC: 0.0025 at 50 Hz
  • Loss (Dielectric): 0.5W / Kvar (Single Phase Capacitors)
  • Insulation Level: 2.5 KV/-
  • Discharge Resistor: Externally Connected
  • Applicable Standard: IS 13340-1993

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