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Epcos India Private Limited (EIPL), a global manufacturer of capacitors, offers PhaseCap Super Heavy-Duty Capacitors. This is a hi-tech capacitor with stud mounting cylindrical construction having high inrush current capability (up to 400 IR) and over current capability (up to 2.0 IR). The company is a member of TDK-EPC Corporation, Japan. Epcos emerged in 1999 as a successor to the joint venture Siemens Matsushita Components and the former Siemens passive Components and Electron Tubes Group. The company has been selling electronic components in India since the early 1960s.

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<ul><li>Conformance to standards IEC 60831-1+2, EN60831-1 +2</li> <li>Range – 5 to 33 kVAr</li> <li>Voltage – 230 V to 1000 V</li></ul>
<li>Manufactured using wave cut technology, multilayer MPP film with heavy edge</li> <li>Self healing property</li> <li>Low energy consumption</li> <li>Capable of withstanding high inrush current (up to 400 IR)</li> <li>Very high life expectancy</li> <li>Semi-dry biodegradable resin as impregnant</li> <li>Shock hazard protected terminals</li> <li>safety device in the form of pressure sensitive (over pressure) mechanical interrupter</li> <li>Compact size and light weight</li></ul>

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