Power LED Chip 2835W 24Lm & 65Lm

Power LED Chip 2835W 24Lm & 65Lm

Kwality Photonics Private Limited

The KLSL2835W, are ideal for EVERY APPLICATION be it Tube Lights, Downlight, Lanterns& even Street Lights!; These 2835W SMD LEDs have emerged as strong contenders for down-lights, bulbs as they bring down the costs of power LEDs by whopping 40%. With LPW (Lumens per Watt) of 130 and enhanced reliability, they help in bringing out mass use LED LIGHTS WITHIN RANGE OF TRADITIONAL LIGHT SOURCES.

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Part No. Dice Encapsulation @60mA Color Luminous intensity (mcd) Min Luminous intensity (mcd) Typ Luminous flux (lm) Min Luminous flux (lm) Typ Viewing
Angle 2q 1/2
Warm White
Yellow Diffused 6500
Parameter Symbol Rating Units
Power Dissipation Pd 210 mW
Forward Current IF 90 mA
Peak Forward Current (1) IFP 150 mA
Reverse Voltage VR 5 V
Electrostatic Discharge (HBM ESD 1000 V
Operating Temperature Topr ~ 40 ~ +85 ºC
Storage Temperature Tstg ~ 40 ~ +85 ºC
  • POWER Watts : 0.2/0.5 Watts
  • CURRENT Max : 60/150 mA
  • VOLTAGE Vf : 3-3.3 Volts
  • LUMEN S : 24/26 Lumens, 65 Lumens
  • SIZE(LxBxH) : 2.8mm x 3.5mm x 0.75mm
  • PLCC -2 Package Extremely wide viewing angle Available on Tape and reel. Moisture sensitivity level: Level 4 Suitable for Reflow Solder Process & SMT Assembly
  • RoHS compliant (RoHS)

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